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Chapter 18. Maintaining an Access Database > Chapter Summary - Pg. 644

Maintaining an Access Database 644 Protecting a replicated database To help protect a replicated database, you can apply permissions to specific database objects. Permissions don't affect synchronization of the database. You can't use a password to protect your replicated database because a password-protected database can't be made replicable. You can't assign a password to a database that has been replicated. You'll learn more about using permissions and database passwords in Chapter 19. Just the Steps Replicate an Access database 1. 2. 3. 4. Open the database you want to replicate. (This database will become the Design Master in the replica set.) On the Tools menu, click Replication, Create Replica. Click Yes in the message box indicating that the database must be closed, and then click Yes again in the dialog box in which Access indicates it will create a backup copy of the database. Enter a name for the replica in the Location Of New Replica dialog box (or accept the name Access provides). Use the Priority button to assign a priority ranking to the replica. Select Prevent Deletes if you want to prohibit users from deleting records in this replica. Click OK. Just the Steps Synchronize replicas 1. Open the database you want to synchronize. (This database must be the Design Master or one of the databases in the replica set.)