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Chapter 18. Maintaining an Access Databa... > Creating a Partial Replica - Pg. 641

Maintaining an Access Database 641 4. 5. In this screen, you provide a name for the partial replica and choose which type of visibility the partial replica will have. In a global replica, changes are fully tracked and can be synchron- ized with any other global replica in a replica set. A local replica can exchange data with a global replica but not with other replicas in a replica set. An anonymous replica doesn't keep track of individual users. An anonymous replica is applicable in a situation such as when many users are downloading replicas over the Internet. You can also set options on this screen to set up the replica as a read-only replica and to prevent records from being deleted from the replica. Keep the Global replica option selected, and then click Next. In the screen shown here, you can set up a filter to select the records you want to include in the partial replica: 6. This screen provides a list of tables in the database, the fields in a table, and lists of operators you can use to build the filter expression. In the Table To Filter list, select MarketingCampaigns. In the list of fields, double-click Country. Country is added to the Filter Expression box, as shown here: