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Chapter 18. Maintaining an Access Database > Synchronizing Replicas - Pg. 638

Maintaining an Access Database 638 Replicating with Briefcase to work with data on the road You can also create a replica by using Briefcase in Windows. Briefcase replication is useful if you want to travel with a replica of a database, storing the file on a portable computer. You can then synchronize the replica when you connect to your network again. To create a replica using Briefcase (assuming your computer is running Windows XP), right-click on your desktop, and then click New, Briefcase. Open the folder that contains the database, and then drag the database file to the Briefcase icon. You'll then see the series of message boxes described in the previous procedure as Access creates a replica of the database. For more information about using Briefcase, see the Windows Help And Support feature. Synchronize replicas 1. 2. 3. If the HelloWorld_be Design Master is open, close that database and then open the database Replica of HelloWorld_be.mdb, which should be located in the AccessInsideTrack folder. In the Database window, click Tables in the Objects list, select the MarketingCampaigns table, and then click Open. In the campaign record for USA, change the amount of the campaign budget to $30,000. Change the budget for Mexico to $32,500, and change the launch date for the campaign in Italy to 4/1/2004, as shown here: