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Chapter 18. Maintaining an Access Databa... > Converting an Access Database - Pg. 633

Maintaining an Access Database 633 4. Click OK in the message box. You'll see the Database window, shown here: 5. 6. Notice that the file format is indicated in the title bar of the Database window. Also, the tables that were linked to the Northwind database and to the HelloWorld back-end database are no longer linked tables. They are part of the .mdb file. Also notice the table named Conversion Errors. If a conversion raises errors, Access creates the Conversion Errors table in the new database file. (This table was created when we converted the HelloWorld database to the Access 97 file format.) The Conversion Errors table describes the errors Access encountered, identifying the object (and type of object) the problem relates to. In this case, the Conversion Errors table indicates that compilation errors occurred in a module. You can open the Con- version Errors table on your own to see what information Access provides. Close the Access 97 version of the HelloWorld18 database. In the Chap18 folder, open the file named HelloWorld18_ForConverting.mdb. On the Tools menu, click Database Utilities, Convert Database. You'll see the selection of file formats you can convert to--Access 97 and Access 2002-2003, as shown here: