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Chapter 18. Maintaining an Access Databa... > Running the Performance Analyzer - Pg. 621

Maintaining an Access Database 621 Review the key provided in the dialog box, which identifies specific results as Recommenda- tion, Suggestion, Idea, or Fixed. In the Analysis Notes area of the dialog box, you can read a brief description of each item listed in the Analysis Results area. In its analysis of the Hello- World_be database, the Performance Analyzer offers two recommendations: that we add an index to the Status field in both the Comments table and the Tasks table. It also lists the idea that we save the database application as an MDE file, which the Performance Analyzer indi- cates is an optimization that will apply to the entire database. An MDE file is a compiled copy of an Access database. You'll learn more about features of an MDE file in Chapter 19. If you select an item marked as a Recommendation or a Suggestion, you can then click the Optimize button and Access will implement that change. You need to implement an item that the Performance Analyzer identifies as an Idea on your own. Select the recommendations that relate to the Status field (hold down the Shift key to select both items), and then click Optimize. As you can see here, these items now have a check mark beside them, indicating that the items have been fixed: 5.