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Introduction xvii · Extending Access This section of the companion CD contains descriptions of software tools and utilities that you can use together with Access 2003. This section of the CD also includes links to Web sites where you can learn more about these tools. · eBook The CD contains a version of Microsoft Office Access 2003 Inside Track in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF version of the book. The CD also includes a link to Adobe's Web site, where you can download a copy of Adobe Reader if you don't already have a copy installed on your computer. (You can download Adobe Reader free of charge.) · Microsoft Computer Dictionary The electronic copy of the 5th edition of the Microsoft Computer Dictionary on the CD requires Internet Explorer 5.01 or later. The setup program for this eBook will offer to install Internet Explorer 5.5 for you if it detects that your system does not meet the minimum eBook requirements. Installing and Using the Practice Files To install the book's sample files, click on the link Inside Track Extras. By default, the sample files are copied to the folder C:\Microsoft Press\AccessInsideTrack. Within the AccessInsideTrack folder, sample databases are stored in folders named for each chapter in the book. In each chapter folder, you'll find the Access database file that we'll use as the basis for the chapter's examples. Chapter folders also include a file named HelloWorld02_final, for example, which is a version of the sample database for which the chapter's examples have been completed. You can refer to the final version of a database if you'd prefer to simply follow along with the hands-on ex- amples rather than perform each step yourself. The final version of each database incorporates the exercises listed in the sections named On Your Own as well. System Requirements To work with this book's sample files, your computer must meet the following minimum system requirements: · PC with Pentium 233 MHz or higher processor (Pentium III is recommended). · Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or later, or Microsoft Windows XP is required to install Microsoft Office Access 2003. · 128 MB of RAM minimum, 256 MB or above recommended. · Super VGA (800 x 600) or a higher-resolution monitor. · A minimum of 180 MB of available hard disk space is required for Microsoft Office Access 2003. (The optional installation files cache requires an additional 200 MB of available hard disk space.) You need 400 MB of available hard-disk space to install Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003. · A minimum of 55 MB of available hard disk space is required to install the sample files. · Specific examples in this book require that you have Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft InfoPath, or Microsoft Office PowerPoint installed on the computer on which you are running Microsoft Office Access 2003. Certain examples in Chapter 12, "Access and the Web," require Internet Explorer 5 or later. Examples in Chapter 14, "Understanding Access Projects," require you to install the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine, which comes with Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003. Chapter 15, "Integration with Office 2003 and SharePoint Services," requires access to a SharePoint 2003 team site. To install SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server, you must have a computer running Windows Server 2003.