Integration with Office 2003 and SharePoint Services 563 On Your Own 1. Through Access, link to the Contacts object in an Outlook PST file. Create a new list on a SharePoint Web site that uses the linked table to the Contacts object. Using the SharePoint list interfacing, modify the name of one of the contacts and synchronize the list with Access. Finally, check the name in Outlook to see whether the name has been updated according to the way you modified it on the SharePoint Web site. Access includes handy, quick links to specific Office applications that allow you to do various tasks. Open the Northwind database, and select the Categories table. From the Tools menu, select Office Links, Analyze It With Microsoft Office Excel. Access will open Excel with the Categories table data in a spreadsheet. 2. After you complete this chapter: · You'll know how to use Microsoft Office Access 2003 to automate and extend other Office 2003 applica- tions. You'll learn how to further extend Access using XML in Chapter 16, "Working with XML Data in Access."