Integration with Office 2003 and SharePoint Services 562 Chapter Summary Microsoft Office 2003 has made significant advances in collaboration and workgroup-oriented fea- tures. From SharePoint to data sharing between Office applications, never before has Office been able to offer such a powerful collaborative feature set. Access can act as the hub of this collaboration because, as a database, it can bring the data in these various sources together. In this chapter, you learned how to use Access to extend the functionality of SharePoint by making Access data available to your groupware users. You also learned how to work with SharePoint objects through Access to provide you with a different view of SharePoint data. You also saw how Access complements the other Microsoft Office applications by providing an interface for the data that is used by those ap- plications. You learned how an InfoPath form and an Excel spreadsheet can be used to harness and display data from an Access database. And you saw how Access can be used with Microsoft Outlook to perform automated, global operations on Outlook objects. For more information: · See the articles listed under "SharePoint Portal Server" "InfoPath," "Outlook," and "Excel" on Microsoft Office Online. For information on how to integrate Access and these products, you can search for specific topics on the Microsoft Developer Network by clicking the "Developer Center" link under each of the fore- going sections. Also refer to Microsoft Office Access 2003 Inside Out (Microsoft Press, 2003). Q&A Q1: Can I use Access rather than SQL Server or the SQL Server Desk- top Engine as the database for SharePoint?