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Chapter 15. Integration with Office 2003... > Analyzing Access Data Through Excel - Pg. 555

Integration with Office 2003 and SharePoint Services 555 The Orders table contains approximately 830 records, representing 830 orders. Suppose we wanted to calculate how much was spent on freight for all these orders. We could add up the value of all the freight costs for all 830 orders manually or write a small program to do this. We could also create a static report in Access or create a form that does this work. But each of these methods might not provide the precise view into the data that we need and might be too cumbersome to use regularly or with large amounts of data. In Excel, we can create a cell that does the sum for us. The following exercise does a calculation in Excel on data being pulled from an Access table. Using Excel to sum data from an Access table 1. 2. 3. Click on the Sheet 2 tab in your Excel spreadsheet. Click in the cell A1. In the formula bar (located just above the spreadsheet and just below the toolbar buttons), type =SUM(Sheet1!H2:Sheet1!H381), as shown here. This tells Excel to sum the values on Sheet1 between cells H2 and H381.