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Chapter 15. Integration with Office 2003... > Extending SharePoint Using Access - Pg. 541

Integration with Office 2003 and SharePoint Services 541 You are now linked to a SharePoint object or objects that behave as linked tables. You can manip- ulate the data in these linked tables in much the same way you would with a native Access table. You can also use these linked tables to create reports about the activity of your SharePoint Web site. Linking Tables Through SharePoint Microsoft typically gives Office users more than one way to accomplish a given task, and SharePoint is no exception. The preceding section showed how Access allows you to link to SharePoint objects. In a similar way, SharePoint allows you to connect to objects in Access. By providing a view into live data, linking to Access objects gives teams a powerful mechanism for sharing data collected from mission-critical business applications that you build on Access. Consider the following scenario: You manage a sales team that uses SharePoint for internal com- munication and team-related collaboration and an internally developed Access application to track customer feedback on your product. Because most of your team already heavily uses SharePoint and the team site has become a focal point for your collaborative efforts, you'd like to allow your team to view up-to-date summary data on your customer feedback without having to develop and deploy another client-server application or having to create a separate Web site on your intranet. Using the linking feature in SharePoint, you create a new list named Customer Feedback. The list is a link to an Access table that displays the customer's name and the comments that customer made about the software. You save the list and make sure that a link is created on the home page. You've finished! Your team can now easily access real-time data that is being captured in your Access application without any other development effort or deployment. SharePoint helps you accomplish this through a set of integrated interfaces that both SharePoint and Office 2003 applications have implemented. Let's walk through the procedure of linking a list to an Access table. Link a list to an Access table 1. 2. 3. Open up your SharePoint team site. In the Quick Launch area, click the Lists item. At the top of the Lists section, click Create List, The Create Page page is displayed, as shown here: