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Chapter 15. Integration with Office 2003... > Extending SharePoint Using Access - Pg. 538

Integration with Office 2003 and SharePoint Services 538 Using SharePoint for Collaboration SharePoint Services were introduced in the 2001 release of Microsoft Office XP. The SharePoint technology was a true evolutionary technology that began as Microsoft FrontPage Server Exten- tions, evolved into Office Server Extensions, and then became (under the code name Office Web Server) SharePoint Team Services in Office XP. Looking at the history of the technology, we can see that bringing the Office suite and the Web together was a key goal in the development of the product. FrontPage Server Extensions originally included the relatively rudimentary ability to add Web parts (formerly called Web Bots) to the HTML pages being developed in FrontPage. At that time, Office didn't provide many services that the Web Bots could leverage, and so integration was sketchy at best. With the latest release of Office and SharePoint Services in Windows Server 2003, both products have matured as full-featured collaboration "groupware." Microsoft has made sure that the suite of Office 2003 products robustly integrates with SharePoint to make it easier to publish content, col- laborate on documents, track changes in documents, and build relationships between various types of content that has been published to the SharePoint site. With the latest version of SharePoint and Office, you can perform the following tasks: · Maintain version control for your files by checking them out to edit them and checking them in when you've finished. · Discuss a document in real time using MSN or Windows Messenger, or track document dis- cussions using the Web Discussion feature of SharePoint. · Save Office documents directly to a SharePoint location using Web folders. Office now can browse to SharePoint Web folder locations natively within the application. · Easily publish Office documents to SharePoint and share them with teammates.