Importing and Linking to Data A2: 136 Most date information should be imported without difficulty. You might encounter problems if you are importing data from an Excel spreadsheet created on an Apple Macintosh computer because the date system used by a Macintosh (the 1904 date system) is different from the date system used by Microsoft Windows (the 1900 date system). If you see that dates are off by four years, change the date system for the spreadsheet before you import it. Is there any way I can prevent a single macro action from running when I test my macro? Yes. On the View menu, click Conditions. In the Conditions column, beside the action you don't want to run, enter False. Q3: A3: After you complete this chapter: · If you want to learn more about how to enter data in your database, go to Chapter 7, "Designing Basic Forms," which covers how to build data entry forms and other forms you can use to view data. · Chapter 5, "Using Visual Basic to Automate Your Database," covers basic information about how to use Microsoft Visual Basic code to automate database operations. You'll see examples of Visual Basic code in later chapters, and you'll apply the knowledge you gain in Chapter 5 when you build forms, reports, and other database objects. On Your Own Here is an additional exercise for creating a macro that you can perform on your own. You can use the HelloWorld database as it stands at the end of this chapter to practice. You'll find completed