Importing and Linking to Data 8. Close the CampaignExpenses table and the HelloWorld database. 135 Just the Steps Create a macro 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. In the Database window, click Macros, and then click New. In the Action column, select the action you want the macro to run. In the Action Argument area, enter the information the macro requires to perform the action you selected --the names of database objects, the names of files, and so on. In the Comment column, enter a brief description of the purpose of the action. Save and name the macro. If you want to run the macro from the Database window, select the macro, and then click Run on the Database window toolbar. Open the form or report or select the control whose event you're assigning the macro to. Open the Properties dialog box, click the Event tab, and then click in the property box for the event to which you want to assign the macro. Select the name of the macro from the list that appears in the property box, and then close the Properties dialog box. Assign a macro to an event 1. 2. 3. For more information: · See the articles listed under "Sharing Data" and "External Data" in the topic "Working with Data," in Microsoft Office Access 2003 Assistance, available through Microsoft Office Online.