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Chapter 4. Importing and Linking to Data > Splitting a Database - Pg. 124

Importing and Linking to Data 124 Splitting a Database Access databases can be organized into a front-end database --an Access file that contains forms, reports, and the like--and a back-end database --a separate Access file that contains only the data tables. The front-end database works with the data stored in the back-end database through linked tables. If you are designing a database that more than one person will use (or if you expect that will happen at some point), splitting the database has several advantages. Groups or individual users who interact with a database in different ways can use a set of forms and reports designed specif- ically for them. If you need to make changes to any of the front-end database objects, you can update them without affecting the actual data. In the next set of steps, we'll split the HelloWorld4 database using the Database Splitter utility that comes with Access. Split a database with the Database Splitter 1. With HelloWorld4.mdb open, click Tools, Database Utilities, Database Splitter. You'll see the first screen of the Database Splitter, shown here: