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Chapter 4. Importing and Linking to Data > Linking to Data - Pg. 128

Importing and Linking to Data 128 The Linked Table Manager If you open a linked table and the information Access uses to manage the link isn't current, you'll see an error message indicating that Access can't find the table. This error might occur if a database you're linked to has been moved from its previous location, for example. To help correct this error, use the Linked Table Manager, a database utility with which you can refresh the information Access uses to manage linked tables. You open the Linked Table Manager, shown in Figure 4-5, by clicking Tools, Database Utilities, Linked Table Manager. Select any tables with broken links. If you are updating the links to more than one table, the Linked Table Manager searches the new location you specify for all the tables. The Linked Table Manager cannot refresh the link to a table that has been renamed.