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Chapter 4. Importing and Linking to Data > Importing Data - Pg. 117

Importing and Linking to Data 117 You can click a column heading in this screen to view and change the options for a field. In the Field Options area, you can enter a new name for the field, create an index for the field, change the field's data type (if Access lets you), or choose to skip the field. In the data we're importing, the column headings in the spreadsheet are suitable field names for the table, but go ahead and create an index (allowing duplicates) for the Campaign field, because you're likely to search and sort on this field. (For information about field indexes, see Chapter 3.) Choosing not to use column headings as fields When you import spreadsheet data and don't select the option First Row Contains Column Headings, Access uses generic field names-Field 1, Field 2, and the like. You can change these names to more meaningful names after you import the data. 8. Click Next. You'll see a screen in which you set a primary key for the table, shown here: