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Chapter 4. Importing and Linking to Data > Importing Data - Pg. 115

Importing and Linking to Data 115 Common Import Errors and the Import Errors Table The marketing expenses worksheet is set up to avoid any errors when you import it, but not every spreadsheet you work with will have this level of organization. What should you do if you see a message such as this one? This message gives you a general sense of the errors that occurred. Access deleted the contents of fields in 44 records because the data didn't match the field size defined for the field or the field's data type. The message also indicates that we didn't lose any records, which means that each row in the spreadsheet was uniquely identified--no record had a duplicate value in the primary key. If you click No in this message box, no data is imported. If you click Yes, Access imports the data it can. One of the choices you'll make if you want to import a large amount of data into a database is the degree to which you'll prepare the data ahead of time--adding a field for unique identification, checking that the data in each column is the same type, and so on. At a minimum, of course, you need to be sure that the column