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Chapter 19. Implementing Security > Setting a User Password - Pg. 661

Implementing Security 661 15. Click OK to close the dialog box. Now no one in the User group has any permissions to the table objects in the database. Note that because the User group cannot access any of the tables, members of the group also cannot create queries or use any other object that depends on tables. By restricting a user's or group's access to tables, by proxy you render the other database objects useless. Setting a User Password Remember that the user in the preceding procedure, John, has read access to the Marketing-Ma- terials table. Even though the group he's in is restricted from reading the table, John as an individual user still has permissions to that one table. Unfortunately, the user John doesn't have a password. This means that anyone can log on as John and access the MarketingMaterials table. Before we set a password for John, we'll test his user permissions to make sure that he can read only the one table. Because we already created permissions for John before he logged on, those permissions are applied when you log onto the database as John. Test user permissions and set a user password 1. 2. If Access is running, shut down Access and open the HelloWorld19.mdb database, located in the Chapter 19 folder where you copied the sample files for this book. In the Logon dialog box, enter John in the Name field, and leave the Password field blank, as shown here: