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Chapter 19. Implementing Security > Creating Users - Pg. 659

Implementing Security 659 The granularity of user-level security means that you know exactly what users have which permis- sions to what resources. When you create a user for your database, typically you will give that user membership in a group with a given set of permissions to an object or assign that user permissions to an object directly. In either case, you have a specific view of the permission level of that user. Of course, the first step in being able to apply user-level security is to create users. The following exercise will show you how to create a user and assign permissions to a table for that user. Create a user and assign the user to a resource 1. 2. 3. 4. If it's not open already, open the HelloWorld19.mdb database, located in the Chapter 19 folder where you copied the sample files for this book. On the tools menu, click Security, and then click User And Group Accounts. The User And Group Accounts dialog box will appear, with the User tab selected by default. Click the New button to display the New User/Group dialog box. In the Name box, type John, as shown here: 5. In the Personal ID box, type j52CodeKing, and click OK. Click OK again to close the User And Group Accounts dialog box.