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Chapter 19. Implementing Security > Creating Groups - Pg. 657

Implementing Security 657 16. 17. 18. 19. The ITRead group now has read access to the tables in your database. This means that anyone in the group is able to pull data from the tables, but those users won't be able to modify or add to the data in any way. Also remember that until you assign this group permissions to other objects in the database, the tables are the only objects to which the ITRead group will have access. Next we'll give read/write group permissions to the table objects in this database. Click the ITReadWrite group in the User/Group Name list. Make sure that Table is selected in the Object Type drop-down list, and if they're not already selected, select all the table objects in the Object Name list box. Because this is a read/write group, we want to give our users both read access and write access to the tables. Write permissions could mean a couple of things in terms of data access, so you'll have to decide whether you want your users to just update existing data or be able to add records to the tables or delete records from the tables, or some combination of those permissions. Of course, you can set permissions independently on each table, but for our purposes, we'll add the same permissions to all the tables to keep it simple. Select the Modify Design check box. You'll notice that the Read Design, Read Data, Update Data, and Delete Data check boxes are selected automatically. Select the Insert Data check box, as shown here: