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Chapter 19. Implementing Security > Understanding Permissions - Pg. 651

Implementing Security 651 means that an individual user is given permissions to various objects such as tables and forms and these permissions do not affect any other users in the group. (Access calls these explicit permis- sions.) Permissions can also be set at the group level, which means that access to objects are given to a group and any user in that group has the same permissions to those objects. (Access calls these implicit permissions. ) By way of orientation, let's explore the default security model in an Access database. We'll modify permissions incrementally and then look at how users and groups operate in a workgroup. Change the Admin password 1. 2. Open the HelloWorld19.mdb database, located in theChapter 19 folder where you copied the sample files for this book. Click Tools, Security, and then click User And Group Accounts on the toolbar. The User And Group Accounts dialog box will appear, as shown here: