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Chapter 19. Implementing Security > Managing a Workgroup Information File - Pg. 649

Implementing Security 649 Because of the added complexity of adding security to databases in a client-server model, we've removed the linked tables from HelloWorld19.mdb and imported the tables so the database is self-contained. If you were applying security to a database structure with linked tables, you probably would have to apply some level of security to both the front-end database and the database to which you're linking. The examples in this chapter are written from the perspective of working with a single database only. Create and subscribe to a WIF 1. 2. Open the HelloWorld19.mdb file. On the Tools menu, Click Security, Workgroup Administrator. The Workgroup Administrator utility will appear, as shown here: 3. Click Create. The Workgroup Owner Information dialog box will appear, as shown here: 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. In the Name box, enter Inside Track. In the Organization box, enter Northwind. In the Workgroup ID box, enter 12345ABCDE. Click OK. Access will ask you to save the WIF. You can save it to any location you want; however, if you want others to be able to subscribe to your WIF, you will need to publish it to a location from which you can share the file (like a network share). Enter the location and the WIF file name (make sure the file name ends in .mdw) in the Workgroup field, and click OK.