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Chapter 19. Implementing Security > Exploring Types of Security in Access - Pg. 647

Implementing Security 647 Large software development companies like IBM and Microsoft are investing millions of dollars into their soft- ware to improve security and privacy and are making concerted efforts to educate customers and businesses on how to protect their data. Exploring Types of Security in Access Not all security measures are created equal. In fact, no security measure is spoof-proof--all security measures have holes. It might be helpful to think of an individual security measure as a leaky bucket. A leaky bucket will hold water, but not very well. One way to slow the leak is to put one leaky bucket inside of another. The more leaky buckets you stack together, the greater the chance that the set of buckets won't leak. The same is true of security and privacy. Although one or two measures might not be adequate for securing a database, a set of measures used together will go a long way toward preventing unwanted attacks on your data. The set of security measures Access provides should be used together with the security features of your operating system, your Web browser, and your Internet server software. At bottom, security is the means by which you exercise control over who can access your data, at what level it can be accessed, and what type of access each individual has. When you think about how best to exercise this control, consider the model of bank security. Suppose we assume that the goal of a bank is to secure the vault in which the money is kept. Banks secure the vault in a variety of ways, but essentially, there are two types of security. The first type, which we'll call the Token- Access Method, attempts to limit or permit access to the vault by way of a security token given to individual users. This token typically comes in the form of a key, a combination, or a password. The bank manages who gets these tokens and what level of entry each token provides. For example, a bank teller's token will get him through the front door but not into the president's office where the vault key is kept. The president's key, however, will get her through the front door, into her office,