Extending Your Use of Queries 334 After you complete this chapter: · To learn how to use queries as the basis of reports, go to Chapter 10, "Presenting Data with Reports." On Your Own Here are some exercises you can follow on your own to gain more experience working with queries: 1. Use the Crosstab Query Wizard to create a crosstab query that summarizes campaign ex- pense data by campaign. (You'll need to create a select query that brings these related records together first.) Display expense categories as the column headings and campaign countries as rows. Use an SQL statement to create a query that selects tasks where the Priority field is set to High. Create an update query that updates the value of the EndDate field in the MarketingCam- paigns table. The value of the EndDate field should be 90 days after the date in the LaunchDate field. 2. 3.