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Chapter 9. Extending Your Use of Queries > Working with Query Properties - Pg. 327

Extending Your Use of Queries 327 2. As you scroll down the list of records, you'll see several rows with duplicate data. Three cus- tomers are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for example, and six are located in London, England. If you need to know the number of customers in London, you don't need to modify this query. But if you need a list of the cities where you have customers, the recordset is redundant. Click the View button to display the query in Design view. Right-click above the query design grid, and then click Properties. You'll see the Query Properties dialog box, shown here: 3. 4. Set Unique Values to Yes, and then close the Query Properties dialog box. On the toolbar, click the Run button. This time, you'll see that only unique rows are included: