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Chapter 9. Extending Your Use of Queries > Running Action Queries - Pg. 316

Extending Your Use of Queries 316 3. 4. 5. 6. The Query Design toolbar includes a drop-down list, named Query Type, that you can use instead of the Query menu to designate the type of query. In the Update To row for the ApprovalRequired field, enter Yes. This expression simply sets the field's value. In the Criteria row for the AmountSpent field, enter >= 500. If you want to check which records will be updated, click the View button to view the query in Datasheet view. Click the Run button on the toolbar, and then click Yes in the message box. Switch to the Database window, and then open the CampaignExpenses table. You can see that the ApprovalRequired field is set to Yes (indicated by a check mark) for any expense that's greater than or equal to $500: