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Chapter 7. Designing Basic Forms > Setting the Tab Order - Pg. 259

Designing Basic Forms 3. 259 To align controls, select the control you want to align other controls with and the controls you want to align. On the Format menu, click Align, and then select Top, Right, Left, or Bottom depending on which border of the controls you want to align. Setting the Tab Order Some users rely only on the mouse to move from field to field on a form, to activate a button, and to perform other operations within an application. Users who work with the keyboard press the Tab key to move from field to field. The order in which focus shifts from one field to the next when you press Tab is known as the tab order . By default, Access sets the tab order of a form to follow the order in which you add controls to a form. When you create a form by using the Form Wizard, the tab order follows the order of the fields in the Selected Fields list. Because we've added a field to the Tasks form and repositioned several controls on the form, the form's tab order is out of sync. Having a predictable tab order is important for accurate and essential data entry (and also brings a professional feel to an application), so we want to reset the tab order so that it follows the new arrangement of fields on the form. In this section, we'll describe how to set or change the tab order for a form by using Tab Order dialog box. Set the tab order for a form 1. If the Tasks form is open in Design view, click the View button on the toolbar to open the form in Form view. If the Tasks form isn't open at all, select it in the Database window, and then click Open on the Database window toolbar. Press the Tab key several times, and observe the order in which focus shifts from field to field. The Country field is skipped after TaskID, and after Priority, focus shifts to Start Date rather 2.