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Chapter 7. Designing Basic Forms > Control Source Property - Pg. 243

Designing Basic Forms 243 Control Source Property As a form can be bound to a specific record source, a control on a form can be bound to a specific field. The property that indicates which field a control is bound to is the Control Source property. Controls can be bound to any of the fields that are part of the form's record source. You can also include unbound controls on a form. An unbound control isn't connected directly to a field in the record source. You could use an unbound text box for user input, for example, or to display the results of a calculation by entering an expression in the Control Source property for the text box. Here's an example of using an expression in an unbound text box. You'll also see how you can use the Form Footer section to display summary information. Use an expression as the Control Source property for an unbound control 1. In the Database window, select the Expenses form, and then click Design. As you can see here, when the Form Wizard created this form, it included the labels for the fields in the Form Header section. The controls that display the field data are included in the Detail section. (You can include labels in the Detail section if you prefer.)