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Chapter 7. Designing Basic Forms > On Your Own - Pg. 267

Designing Basic Forms 267 After you complete this chapter: · To learn more about forms, go to Chapter 8, "Adding Features and Function to Forms." To start learning about summarizing and presenting data in reports, go toChapter 10, "Presenting Data with Reports." On Your Own Here are some exercises you can do on your own to learn more about designing forms: 1. In the Expenses form, the text box that displays expense totals isn't formatted as currency. Open the Expenses form in Design view. In the Properties dialog box, locate the Format prop- erty, and set it to Currency. Open the CampaignInformation form in Design view. Reposition the Expenses button in the Form Header section, and then add the Northwind logo to the form. You'll probably need to adjust the size of the Form Header section to make room for the logo. Set the image's Size Mode property to Zoom. Add a label to the CampaignInformation form like the label we added to the Tasks form. Open the CampaignInformation form in Design view. In the toolbox, make sure that the control wizards are enabled (the button will have an orange background), and then use the Command Button Wizard to add a button to this form that opens the Tasks form. To start, select Form Operations in the Categories list. Set up the button to show specific data, and link the forms with the CampaignID field. 2. 3. 4.