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Chapter 7. Designing Basic Forms > Adding a Control to a Form - Pg. 263

Designing Basic Forms 263 7. 8. 9. If you recall the steps you followed to create a lookup field in Chapter 2, the steps in the Combo Box Wizard will be familiar. A combo box is the control to use when you want to look up values in another table or query or in a list and store the value you select in a field. We could also use a list box for the AssignedBy field. A list box displays the set of values you indicate and accepts only those values as valid input. A combo box displays a list of values from which you can choose but also lets you enter a value if you set the Limit To List property for the combo box to No. (The Combo Box Wizard sets this property to Yes when it builds the combo box.) We're using a combo box rather than a list box because a combo box can take up less space on a form and still be easy to use. Select the option Store That Value In This Field, and then select AssignedBy from the list of fields. Click Next again. In the wizard's last screen, enter Initiated By as the label for the combo box, and then click Finish. Switch the Tasks form to Form view, and you can see the data for the AssignedBy field in the combo box, as shown here: