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Chapter 7. Designing Basic Forms > Control Source Property - Pg. 245

Designing Basic Forms 245 8. 9. Check the Properties dialog box, and you'll see that this expression is now entered as the Control Source property for this text box. Notice that Access has wrapped AmountSpent in brackets in the expression. Click the label for the text box, and then enter Total. (You could also enter this text in the Caption property for the label.) Click the Save button on the toolbar, and then click View, Form View to see the effect of adding this expression. The form shows the total of all campaign expenses. 10. 11. Close the Expenses form, select the CampaignInformation form in the Database window, and then click Open. Use the record navigation buttons at the bottom of the form to move to the campaign of your choice, and then click the Expenses button. You'll see the list of expenses and the total of the expenses related to the campaign displayed in the CampaignInformation form.