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Chapter 7. Designing Basic Forms > Record Source Property - Pg. 241

Designing Basic Forms 8. 9. 10. 241 From the field list for the MarketingCampaigns table, drag Country to the first blank column in the query design grid. Close the Query Builder, and click Yes in the message box asking whether you want to save changes to the SQL statement and update the Record Source property. In the Form Design window, notice the updated Record Source property in the Properties dialog box. (If you want to see the entire SQL expression, right-click in the Record Source property box, and then click Zoom.) Also, click the Field List button on the toolbar. At the bottom of the list, Country is now included together with the fields from the Tasks table, as shown here: 11. In the field list, click Country, and then drag it to the Detail section of the form. When the pointer is an inch or so to the right of the CampaignID field (use the ruler at the top of the form as a guide), release the mouse button. The Country field is added to the form as a text box and a label, as you can see here. Don't worry at this point if the label overlaps CampaignID. We'll fix that later in this chapter.