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Chapter 7. Designing Basic Forms > Record Source Property - Pg. 240

Designing Basic Forms 3. 240 4. Click the Data tab. When a record source is designated for a form, the form is referred to as a bound form. Forms can also be unbound --meaning that they don't display data from a particular record source. You might use an unbound form to collect input that you would then use to perform an oper- ation. Click in the Record Source property box, and then click the Build button to the right. You'll see the following message. Click Yes to open the Query Builder. 5. 6. In the Query Builder window, click the Show Table button on the toolbar. In the Show Table dialog box, select MarketingCampaigns, click Add, and then click Close. The Query Builder should include both the Tasks table and the MarketingCampaigns table, as shown here: