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Chapter 7. Designing Basic Forms > Creating a Form with the Form Wizard and Aut... - Pg. 229

Designing Basic Forms 229 6. 7. Because we selected more than one table in the wizard's first screen, we're provided with options for how to present the related data together. One table will be used as the basis for a main form, and the other will be used as the basis for a secondary form. You can select either table as the data source for the main form. The secondary form can be created as either a subform embedded in the main form or a linked form, which is displayed when you click a button on the main form. Keep MarketingCampaigns selected as the basis of the main form (By MarketingCampaigns), and then choose Linked Forms at the bottom of the window. Click Next. In the screen shown here, you can highlight a style and see an example in the preview area: