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Chapter 7. Designing Basic Forms > Creating a Form with the Form Wizard and Aut... - Pg. 228

Designing Basic Forms 228 4. You can add fields from more than one table or query to a form in this screen, but the data should be related. If you select two tables that aren't related, Access stops the wizard and displays a message indicating that you need to edit table relationships or remove unrelated fields from the form. In this example, we'll use fields from the MarketingCampaigns table and the CampaignExpenses table. The wizard will create two forms, adding a command button to link the forms, as you'll see in the steps that follow. Select the MarketingCampaigns table in the Tables/Queries list, and then move all the fields in the table from the list of available fields to the Selected Fields list, as shown here. Click the button with the double arrow to move all the fields in one step.