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Chapter 13. Completing Your Database App... > Setting Startup Options - Pg. 491

Completing Your Database Application 491 Setting Startup Options The Startup dialog box, which you open from the Tools menu, provides several options to control how an Access database looks and behaves when it opens. For example, you can select a form or a data access page to display when the database opens. If you've created an application switch- board, you'll often want to designate the switchboard form as the startup form. You can also choose whether to display the Database window. For some database applications, you'll want to hide the Database window if everyday users aren't involved in designing or modifying database objects and can perform the work they need to do by opening forms or reports from a switchboard or a custom toolbar or menu bar. In the steps that follow, we'll set some startup options for the HelloWorld database. Set startup options 1. On the Tools menu, click Startup. You'll see the Startup dialog box, shown here: