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Chapter 13. Completing Your Database App... > Creating Menu Bars and Toolbars - Pg. 470

Completing Your Database Application 15. 470 Click any of the other switchboard items to see how the switchboard operates. When you've finished experimenting with the switchboard, close the form. If you want to add items to the Campaign Switchboard form or create another switchboard form, click Tools, Database Utilities, Switchboard Manager. Select the Campaign Switchboard form, and then click Edit to add an item. Click New to create another switchboard. Just the Steps Use the Switchboard Manager 1. 2. 3. 4. On the Tools menu, click Database Utilities, Switchboard Manager. If you see a message box asking whether you want to create a switchboard, click Yes. In the Switchboard Manager dialog box, click Edit. In the Edit Switchboard Page dialog box, enter a name for the switchboard, and then click New. In the Edit Switchboard Item dialog box, enter the text for a switchboard item and then select the command you want the item to perform. If necessary, select the macro you want the item to run or the form or report you want the item to open. Click OK in the Edit Switchboard Item dialog box. To add another item, click New in the Edit Switchboard Page dialog box. Click Close in the Edit Switchboard Page dialog box and the Switchboard Manager dialog box when you've finished defining the items for the switchboard. 5. 6. Quick Check Q. Can you open one switchboard from another? A. Yes. To open one switchboard from another, select Go To Switchboard from the Command list in the Edit