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Chapter 13. Completing Your Database App... > Creating an Application Switchboard - Pg. 466

Completing Your Database Application 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. Save and name the macro. Open the form (or report) you want to assign the macro to in Design view. On the toolbar, click the Properties button, and then click the Event tab of the Properties dialog box. 466 Select the macro action in the Action column, and then enter the argument settings the action requires. Assign a macro to an event Click in the property box for the event you want to use, and then select the macro you want to assign to the event. If you want to assign a macro to an event for a specific control (a command button or an option group, for example), select the control and then select the macro on the Event tab of the Properties dialog box. Quick Check Q. What determines the end of a set of macro actions in a macro group? A. The end of a macro is determined by the presence of the next macro's name in the Macro Name column (or the end of the macro group). Q. Do you need to skip a row between macros in a macro group? A. No, skipping a row when you enter macros isn't required, but it makes the details of the macro group easier to read. Creating an Application Switchboard As we mentioned earlier, an application switchboard is a form that's designed to manage the work- flow in a database. You can display a switchboard when a database opens (you'll learn how to do