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Chapter 13. Completing Your Database App... > Customizing Toolbars and Menu Bars - Pg. 488

Completing Your Database Application 488 4. 5. Because we selected a built-in toolbar, some of the property settings aren't available. For example, you can't rename a built-in toolbar, and you can't change its type. You can control whether and how a built-in toolbar can be docked, and you can change the settings for whether a toolbar can be customized, resized, moved, and shown or hidden. You can reinstate default settings for a toolbar's properties by clicking the Restore Defaults button. On your own, change one or more of the settings that manage a toolbar's behavior (the set of properties that begin with Allow ) and see how the new setting affects what you can do with the toolbar. Click Close in the Toolbar Properties dialog box. On the Print Preview toolbar, Right-click the Zoom button (it displays a magnifying glass), and you'll see the menu shown here, which is the standard shortcut menu for customizing a toolbar button. We've used this menu in procedures earlier in this chapter as well.