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Chapter 11. Analyzing Data with PivotTab... > Changing the View of Data in a Pivot... - Pg. 389

Analyzing Data with PivotTables and PivotCharts 389 3. 4. Click the Country drop-down arrow, clear the All check box, select Brazil, and then click OK. Click ProductName to select that column, and then click the Show Top/Bottom Items button on the toolbar. Choose Show Only The Top 10 from the submenu. With these two steps, we've filtered records to display just the top 10 products sold in Brazil, as you can see here. By default, a PivotTable shows totals only for the items that the Pivot- Table displays. If you want to see totals for all items, whether they are hidden or not, click the Properties button on the PivotTable toolbar. Click a blank area of the PivotTable. On the Report tab, under Calculate Totals Based On, select All Items (Including Hidden Items). We'll cover other PivotTable properties later in this chapter.