Adding Features and Function to Forms 302 Quick Check Q. Which event occurs first, a form's Open event or its Load event? A. The Open event occurs first. Chapter Summary Part of building a useful set of forms is to design the forms so that their appearance is consistent and their use easy to determine. Using a feature such as conditional formatting can make a form a tool for identifying and analyzing important data. Adding event procedures to a form--and using values displayed in a form's controls--provides a path to the data that you need to see. Form events give you control over how a form relates to other objects in a database and let you perform operations behind the scenes so that users of a database see the results they expect. For more information: · See Microsoft Office Access 2003 Inside Out (Microsoft Press, 2004). Also see the topics about forms under the heading "Creating and Working with Databases and Objects" offered in Microsoft Office Access 2003 Assistance on Microsoft Office Online. Q&A Q1: Is there a way that I can change the size or position of a form with