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Chapter 8. Adding Features and Function ... > Customizing the Appearance of a Form - Pg. 269

Adding Features and Function to Forms 269 Customizing the Appearance of a Form The styles provided by the Form Wizard (which are also available as automatic formats) show some of the ways you can design the look and feel of a form. Among the visual effects you can apply to a form are a background image, a custom color scheme, and rectangles and lines to set off groups of controls. You can also apply special effects to text boxes and other controls to give a form a distinctive look. In the following steps, we'll customize a copy of the Tasks form we created in Chapter 7 by applying some of these visual effects. Add a background image to a form 1. 2. Open the file HelloWorld8.mdb, which you can find in the Chap08 folder at the location where you copied this book's sample files. In the Database window, click Forms in the Objects list, select the form named TasksDemo, and then click Open. You'll see the Tasks form we created in Chapter 7, but without the Northwind Traders logo: 3. 4. On the toolbar, click the View button to switch the form to Design view, and then click the Properties button to open the Properties dialog box for the form. Click the Format tab in the Properties dialog box, and then scroll down the list of properties to the Picture property, as shown here: