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Chapter 8. Adding Features and Function ... > Using an Option Group to Perform Alt... - Pg. 285

Adding Features and Function to Forms 285 8. 9. 10. You could use text values for these options, but the integers are easier to manage when you need to refer to the value of the option group. Also, be sure to read the note at the top of this screen. The option you select in an option group sets the value of the option group control. When you refer to the value of an option group in an event procedure or an expression, for example, refer to the name of the option group control rather than to one of its options. Click Next. You can specify how to represent the options in an option group. Option button controls are used most often, although you can also use a check box control or a toggle button. In Windows- based applications, an option button usually means an exclusive choice, whereas a check box usually means you can choose one or more of the options provided. Keep Option Button selected, and then click Next. Enter View Expenses By as the caption for the option group, and then click Finish. The Ex- penseViews form should look like this: