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Chapter 8. Adding Features and Function ... > Using a Subform to View Related Data - Pg. 280

Adding Features and Function to Forms 6. 7. 280 8. In the Properties dialog box, click the Other tab, and then enter fsubComments in the Name property. Click the Data tab. In the Source Object property, select Comments. You can use a form or a query that you've already created as the basis of the subform. You can't base a subform directly on a table. When you use the Subform Wizard, you can select a form in the database or base the subform on a query or table. If you select a query in the Source Object property, you'll see the data in a datasheet within the subform control. If you use a form or if you create a subform using the wizard, you can view the data as a single record (which you would probably not do very often), as continuous records, or as a datasheet. Click in the Link Child Fields property box, and then click the Build button. You'll see the Subform Field Linker dialog box, shown here: Because the Comments table and the Tasks table have a relationship through the TaskID