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Chapter 8. Adding Features and Function ... > Customizing the Appearance of a Form - Pg. 272

Adding Features and Function to Forms Apply a background color and special effects to a form 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 272 If the form named TasksDemo isn't open in Design view, select the form in the Database window, and then click Design on the Database window toolbar. Click the Properties button on the Form Design toolbar to open the Properties dialog box. (Skip this step if the Properties dialog box is already open.) In the Properties dialog box, click the Format tab, and then scroll down to the Picture property box. Click in the Picture property, and then delete its contents to remove the background image from the form. Click Yes if you're asked to confirm that you want to remove the image. Click the section bar for the Form Header section of the Tasks form. The Properties dialog box should now display properties for the form header, as you see here: