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Chapter 12. Access and the Web > On Your Own - Pg. 456

Access and the Web A2: 456 This folder includes files used to display bullets, lines, and other design elements associated with the theme we applied to the Cur- rent Tasks page. If you need to move the .htm file associated with a data access page, you need to move this folder and the files it contains to the same location. Otherwise, you'll see an error mes- sage about broken links when you open the page. We didn't use Microsoft Visual Basic in this chapter. Can you use Visual Basic to automate data access pages? You can write code to handle events associated with a data access page. However, you use a scripting language instead of Visual Ba- sic. When a data access page is open in Design view, you can open the Microsoft Script Editor, in which you write the code you want to use. Q3: A3: On Your Own Here are some exercises you can perform on your own to gain more experience working with data access pages: 1. Open the Current Tasks data access page in Design view. Resize any of the labels that don't show all their text. Make other design adjustments to this page so that you become familiar with how to use the standard design tools when creating a data access page. Open the Prop- erties dialog box for one or more of the text boxes on this data access page, and then use the properties on the Format tab to change the appearance of the control. For example, choose a color for the BackgroundColor property, and adjust some of the font properties. Use the Theme command on the Format menu to apply a different theme to this page.