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Chapter 12. Access and the Web > Working with a Data Access Page in Design View - Pg. 429

Access and the Web 429 Working with a Data Access Page in Design View The Page Wizard creates a data access page with controls arranged in a column, using a text box for each field you include' on the page. Access provides other options for the layout and design of a data access page--options that you select in a wizard known as the Layout Wizard--when you create a page in Design view. You can also design a data access page using just the toolbox, properties, and formatting commands. Editing a data access page In addition to modifying a data access page in Access, you can open the file in a Web page editor such as Microsoft FrontPage and make changes to the page's HTML and to the design of the page using FrontPage's design tools. You won't see the data in the Preview view in FrontPage, however. In the following sections, we'll create and customize a data access page in Design view. We'll set the property that specifies that source of data for a data access page, work with other data access page properties that specify how a page displays its records, and describe how to change the layout and appearance of a data access page. Setting Up a Data Access Page in Design View The tools you use to create or modify a data access page in Design view include the toolbox, the field list, alignment and sizing commands, and the Properties dialog box. The toolbox lets you add individual controls such as text boxes, list boxes, and combo boxes to a data access page. The techniques by which you add a field or a control to a data access page--as well as the ways in which you align, move, and size controls--are generally the same as the techniques you use when you're designing a form or report. (As you'll see throughout the following procedures, there are some differences.) If you aren't familiar with how to work with the toolbox or the field list or need detailed instructions about how to align, move, or size controls, see the section "Using Design Tools to Fine- Tune Forms," in Chapter 7. In Design view for a data access page, the field list displays each table and query in the database, not just the fields from the object's record source as it does for a form or a report. You can use fields from several tables and queries to build a data access page and create the relationships you need as you're designing the page. In the following steps, we'll create another version of a data access page that displays campaign task information. We'll create this data access page using the Layout Wizard in Design view. After we've set up the page with the fields and controls we need, we'll describe some of the options you have for working with controls on a data access page. Create a data access page using the Layout Wizard 1. 2. 3. If the HelloWorld12 database isn't open, open the file HelloWorld12.mdb, located in the Chap12 folder where you copied the sample files for this book. In the Database window, click Pages in the Objects list, and then click New. In the New Data Access Page dialog box, keep Design View selected, and then click OK. Click OK in the message box informing you about working with data access pages created in earlier versions of Access. Using data access pages in different versions of Access If some of the users of the database you're building have Access 2000 or Access 2002, you'll need to plan how those users can work with the data access pages you're creating. Those users won't be able to modify a data access page in Design view, although they will be able to view the data, provided that they have the Microsoft Office Web Components installed on their computer. You'll learn more about the Office Web Components later in this chapter.