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Chapter 12. Access and the Web > Creating a Data Access Page with the Page Wiza... - Pg. 420

Access and the Web 420 Quick Check Q. When you are exporting data from an Access database and want to apply an HTML template, what elements must you include in the template? A. You need to include the special Access tokens listed in Table 12-1. Q. Can you view the HTML file created by exporting Access data in a browser other than Internet Explorer? A. Yes, you can use any browser that supports HTML version 3.2 or later. Creating a Data Access Page with the Page Wizard Data access pages, which are similar to Access forms and reports, are designed to display data in Internet Explorer as well as within an Access database. You can use data access pages to enter and update data, to view detailed and summary data, and to analyze data. A data access page, unlike the other database objects that you create in Access, is not stored in the Access database file. The page is stored as a separate file, and a link to the file is displayed in the Database window. (When you point to the name of a data access page in the Database window, a ToolTip shows you the location where the file is stored.) Because a data access page is a separate file, you can open the file even though Access or the database to which the data access page is linked is not open. Saving a form as a data access page You can save an Access form as a data access page, which is a good approach to use when you want to work with the data the form displays over the Internet or an intranet. Saving a form as a data access page creates a page that looks much like the form the page is based on. You can't save unbound forms or reports (forms or reports that aren't bound to a specific record source in the database) as a data access page.