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Chapter 12. Access and the Web > Working with a Data Access Page in Design View - Pg. 442

Access and the Web 442 With the ExpandedByDefault property set to True, when you open a data access page, group- ing levels below this group or detailed records within the group will be displayed. The DataPageSize property specifies how many records are shown within the group. You can adjust the setting for the DataPageSize property to show more records within a group, but keep in mind that showing more records on a single page affects the page's performance. If you're using a data access page for entering and updating data, the section's AllowAdditions, AllowDeletions, and AllowEdits properties should be set to True. Close the Properties dialog box, rightright-clickmdash;click the section below the header qry- Tasks-StartDate By Week, and then select Group Level Properties. Set the ExpandedByDefault property to True for this group as well. Close the Properties dialog box, and then click the View button on the toolbar to open the page in Page view. As you can see here, the groups are expanded. To see the records for a different country, click the navigation buttons on the navigation bar labeled qryTasks-Country at the bottom of the data access page. 4. 5. 6.