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Chapter 12. Access and the Web > Working with a Data Access Page in Design View - Pg. 440

Access and the Web 440 Securing your data access pages Because data access pages aren't stored in the Access .mdb file, the security measures you set up in Access don't apply to the pages. (You'll learn more about database security in Chapter 19, "Implementing Security."), You can use the file system security in Windows to help protect data access page files. To help secure the data the page displays, you can secure the database file the page is connected to and set security settings in Internet Explorer. Also, when using a bound span control, keep in mind that unauthorized users could insert harmful HTML text into these controls. When the HTML is processed, you could lose personal information or other data. Just the Steps Create a data access page in Design view 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. In the Database window, click Pages in the Objects list, and then click New. In the New Data Access Page dialog box, select Design View. Select the table or query you want to use as the record source for the data access page, and then click OK. In the field list, select the fields you want to add to the data access page, and then drag the fields to the page. In the Layout Wizard, select the layout option you want to use, and then click OK. Click the title label at the top of the data access page, and then enter a title for the page. Use the field list, toolbox, and formatting commands to add other fields to the page; to add controls such as list boxes or combo boxes; and to align, move, and size controls on the page as necessary. Save and name the data access page.